About Us

DN2K is at the forefront of M2M Data Intelligence


At DN2K we have a clear mission – to turn M2M data into powerful knowledge that improves your decision-making outcomes. Data is all the rage, but knowledge rules.

We believe 100 percent that the promise of the M2M revolution – with devices being connected and networked by the billions – lays in the collective knowledge that can be harvested from its data.

By collecting, aggregating and analyzing raw M2M data from all device types and presenting a graphical, easy-to-understand knowledgebase, DN2K helps you tap into the limitless value of what we call “M2M Data Intelligence.”

We believe that M2M data turned to knowledge drives proactive and predictive decision-making. Being proactive, based on data-driven analytics, is the proverbial game-changer you need to innovate, transform and prosper.

We also are driven by a philosophy to simplify the complex – to make things easy. This is accomplished through focus – and not trying to be all things to all people. We coexist, integrate, participate in the API economy, support the “Internet of Things” and provide added value to specialized tools that are application or industry specific. Our cloud platform is open, extensible and able to collect and make sense of data taken from any type of device.


Everyday we are Transforming M2M and IoT Data into Powerful Knowledge
This year the most successful businesses will make smarter, data-driven decisions with DN2K.

-Environmental Monitoring
-Health and Wellness
-Homeland Security
-Industrial Operations
-Investment Management
-Oil & Gas
-Security (Physical and Cyber)