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M2M and IoT Data Decision Making Made Easy

M2M and IoT Data From any Device, Anywhere

Introducing M2M and IoT Data Intelligence

Transforming M2M and IoT Data Into Powerful Knowledge

Accomplish More With Less


Gather data from
all devices
regardless of location

Data stuck on devices is worthless. Manual collection is highly inefficient. DN2K wireless collection automates your process for uploading data – from disparate device types – to our M2M cloud platform.

Simplify Your Everyday Operations


Filter and organize
data based
on priorities

DN2K filters mountains of data points from multiple devices and aggregates the “good data” into a meaningful,single data stream of highly useful information.

Make Proactive Decisions


Gain business value
data analysis

Raw data collected from multiple devices, and in different formats, is transformed into integrated, graphical data you can use for real-time analytics for mission-critical workloads.

Give Yourself a Competitive Edge


for better
decision making

Having associated data across device types and applications provides a predictive view for strategic, real-time decision making. DN2K provides the data you need – anywhere, anytime – to improve operations across most industries.